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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Originally Posted by Clarityofawareness View Post
Good idea.

Are you talking about the search for free energy so long as it's only scientifically proven? Or maybe free energy in some other way as well?

Thing is, it just all seems like more talk and talk about it all and nothing more to come. No, I'm just speculating on why others here had only the courage to read your thread and not respond to it, like I have. Well, at any rate let's see what happens. I send ye a friends request via You Tube as well.

Hey Kevin, thanks for the response. What I am talking about is collaborating with people to develop a free energy system, but not starting from scratch. I have several theoretical models at the moment I am going to share and have been working on in total for over two years now. I have a background in mathematics and physics as many know on Avalon. However, Avalon as I've discovered over the years is not the greatest venue for this sort of thing. This site is full of fear mongering, and besides the healing list and group meditation, it's pretty unproductive in my opinion.

And yes, there is much more talk than doing. I am trying to "do". I am going to share some experimentation that I am working on, and two different but interrelated free energy systems I will be building. One is based magnetic and diamagnetic materials laid out with sacred geometry, and another is a Rodin capacitor coil I have designed. I have yet to construct them simply due to funds and finding suppliers of certain materials.

I feel YouTube is going to be a much more beneficial venue then Avalon as I have already seen some positive collaboration on free energy research.
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