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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Originally Posted by GregorArturo View Post
Hey thanks for the comment Christo but I don't get the Heather pdf thing. His body grew back everyday, and was pecked to death once everyday, as it was an ongoing cycle. Different myths say though he was eventually released as seen in Aeschylus' play Prometheus Bound (one of ancient Greece's best pieces in my opinion).
The muscle growing in the lab didn't have a stomach full of food! The 'River of Life' is always flowing and whatever combination of elements and substances within an environment will blink into being through cause and effect of such. New species of life forms are popping into existence all the time, why? All Tesla did was create a contraption that magnified, focused, and harnessed what already exists... modeled off of the physical body!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sustainability is dependent on magnifying Potential and neutralizing Entropy.

It is why there is a secret war for possession of the Earth... there is a power on Earth that does not exist in Space. And tptb do not want anyone to realize this understanding.

The Creational Fire.
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