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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

But I sense a kind of "panic vibe" on this thread that we must all "go overboard" and "do" all these things "before it is too late".
Its not a panic vibe, its facing the real situation and dealing with it.

I would like to remind everyone that everything is moving along according to pre-incarnative plan, endlessly supported by Spirit/Source. The Level of Mass Consciousness has made a giant leap this year.

There is nothing "drastic" to be done in most cases. All one needs to "do" is to go with the flow of life as it is bound to take you where you planned to go if you do not put up too much resistance...

The Life Forms on this planet are starting to separate.

Part is changing rapidly but also works drastically to adapt to this new vibrations.

The second Part is sinking deeper and deeper into the mater. It is so attached to the old ways that those new energies are so incompatible that human being is not recognizing what is going on and he/she can not perceive clearly.


there is a third Part…that thinks that everything is going to solve out by default, that there is nothing that we have to do, that we can just seat on our beautiful terrace chair and enjoy the panorama view.

Its like a huge amount of dirt and garbage before the building entrance. No one likes to clean it. Nobody wants to get his/her hands dirty. So let’s live that some naïve idiot to clean up the mess.

I don’t think so.

Its responsibility of all of us to clean up the dirt and to make this a better place, because in the first place we are much responsible for the current situation.

Your point stands only in one case…that everything here is focused on Light and that we have no absolute presence of the Dark Inteligent Force. Which is not the case.

To date, more then 20,000 genuine crop circles have been delivered in sites across the world.

Many of the crafts were taken down by Star Wars Laser weapons.

Someone is risking much to get this information to us.

They wouldn’t bother to risk coming to our plane of existence just to draw beautiful pictures in crops if everything would solved by default as you are suggesting.

If you’re inner being is telling you to relax, and enjoy the ride, because you are the first class passenger and the cleaners will clean up the dirt for you...I do not agree.

There is nothing special that needs to be "done", and there is nowhere special where one need to "go".
I respect your choice and opinion. It’s your decision. I do not agree, but I respect it totally.

You are only as safe as you feel inside.
Absolutely True.

But there is a component missing – Responsibility!

Responsibility…for our planet and the Life forms that exist here. Or it was just a hotel and it’s not important, even if it demolished completely by the Dark Side and our own stupidity? There is a choice…you can either take part in the demolishing process or in the healing process. Or as I mentioned…third choice, you can stand aside and enjoy the show!

Everyone is being guided to where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.
True. The "circumstances" you are speaking about had leaded you here for some purpose. The missing part is that you do not recognize why the Matrix had brought you here.

All we need to do is play our little part in it and enjoy the show!
Happy holidays, I have work to do!

But if you change your mind, you know where to find me.

And I will surely appreciate your help.

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