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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

ok. walking threw all this.

Im on board. but this part is hard to digest as well as not eating meat.

guess Im not advanced enough in the ways of meditation. any recommendations?

Advice 6: Under “certain circumstances” I had left the physical body before the beams had arrived? What now?

-In this moment the astral space of this planet is not safe “if I may say that” and not many beings can go safely out of it.

There is high chance that (we have to be open to all possibilities) that the most of the population with the coming events, after leaving the physical bodies will come directly to the astral dimension.

The adjustment of the consciousness has to be done as soon as possible. I would not recommend entering to dark tunnels with the light at the end. This could be easily one more manipulation from the multidimensional entities that are not friendly to us.

If you are not sure, do not get “friendly” with any entity before the beams from the galactic center arrives.

There is a possibility, that on the astral plane, huge ships will be parked, with a plan to use their advanced technology to trap as many consciousness they can. The same consciousness that were previously in human bodies, and then to cut their awareness, to put them in dream like awareness so they will not know what is going on, (believe that they have technology and the skills to do that) and then to put them inside the energetic containers, then transported to other systems and finally to put them in other bodies so the manipulation and the explanation of the generated energy field called aura which is result of the fusing of our consciousness with the energies in the surrounding space, can continue.

We also are multidimensional beings, but something happened that lefts us with this double helix awareness, which is enough for reading, testing and perceiving this physical reality (although limited only on five senses) and partial awareness of the astral plane in a form of dreams, lucid dreaming, and partly conscious out of the body experience.

That is why it is advisable physical dislocation to zones that have multidimensional portals above the ground, places with strong and dense positive energy. Put in simple words – places on the physical plane where the astral dimension is save and secure.

I know that all this is probably hard to swallow for most of you, but its happening.

For few of you, still open minded, the Shield that is keeping our consciousness attached to this planet, its weakening and with the right determination can be penetrated and consciousness can escape.

Leaving in any direction, means infinitive choices, but I recommend redirecting your astral body directly towards the center of the Milky Way, high speed astral flight in that direction and intercepting the beams that are coming this way.

It the only place, that I’m sure it’s safe!

Please remember all this, before they remove this from the net!

If your astral skills are not so good, try to stay awake in the astral plane and avoid any tunnels, vortexes and etc., in the astral plane. Resist any outer pressure from anyone overthere to enter into craft, portal and etc., and wait for the Nexus to arrive.

If you stay while in the astral dimension, you will soon use to this new density and if that happens don’t wait, but leave this planet and go directly to the directions of center of the galaxy. The moment one of the beams of the Nexus touches you, you are safe!

Will the aliens land officially on Earth before 2012?

- I have no clear answer for that question. Many of those races are here all the time, many penetrate our plane of existence from time to time, doing their own agendas and they leave. Will some of those races will decide to come to open before the 2012, remains to be seen.
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