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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi Pk47/youtuber: 7lovol4

I think we all know that tptb will try to disipate and cunjor illusions,to mask the true time as with y2k...

Would love to see these you tube clips that you refere to,have you saved these to your yube account or hard drive.
I think previous Luminari post shows composure and ballance and much light.

Even site's such as this, even this, tptb will try to deter to inter-fear,but the light will shine through yin yang ,all is good all is required.

So do not fear-internal, do not deter ,or falter ,just feel with your heart.

love light & clarity*

Originally Posted by PK47 View Post
Electromagnetic pulses have been played around here on Earth before the beginning of the civilization...there was one live footage in youtube or somewhere showing a pulse (light) making crop circles, u can check that out... also I told u that abt 80% are from government.. you can believe whatever makes you happy but truth remains the same... BTW your emotions are fluctuating wildly lately try to stay balanced!!! and yes 2012 is a government sponsored hype just like y2k!! But this time they are planing something for us

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