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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I agree with Brooke and the Chosen about the Destini messages... I was a little intrigued too so I've watched a lot of the videos and some are quite interesting...but the ones on sexuality are pretty fear drivin and old Catholic guilt If we masterbate our kids will be abused... which I found rather shoking and stopped watching only to find my virus alert on the lab top was in full alert! Interesting sybolism??... There were definatly some entites playing around with her and yes probably some lower astrals on a power trip... she seemed to tap in to some deep time space stuff too....any way no harm done just had to clear my own space after watching..... The girl, the channel seemd genuine enough I think she believed she was in contact with Enki Anu and their gang..or she disired it enough to imagine it.
Who is the older mans voice on some of her video's he's givig lectures but we don't see him????

Mudra...I'm so glad you posted Nassim Haramine.... I am such a fan of his All his work resignates through me so well ,I feel I'm floating when I watch his video's ...

Astral Waker.... This symbolism you are working on looks fascinating... some of the shapes remind me of tatoos I have.... They say that the energetic blue print of many tatoo's that people get is an energy blue print that resignates with that individual?? Miny personal crop circles on the body??
Maybe not but it sounds good?? No?

Keep up the good work... I feel this endevour, the working of this group is so good, so right! as they say.... love to every one!.... Antonia
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