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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

Originally Posted by 777 The Great Work View Post
Yes , their desire is to clear a seal in 3 days, by using fear.Once the Chi is released,it takes 2.5 days for the mineral salts in the solar plexus ,and sacral area ,to ascend to the hollow place in the brain. Starting at high noon will mark the 2.5 days to Sunday, as the oil builds up in the lamp, and you know the rest.

People will be dissappearing off of this planet ,and what better Xplanation then alien abduction.We are suppose to conquer the bull, leave Sododm, and don't look back.

Just as they mutilate the cattle with with percision ,and ascend and don't look back.Very soon afterwards will appear the golden calf offereing hope.
Subaru aka Pleaides 555 Legacy They even have a subaru 2.5 and a crossover Subaru.Also a 2.5 Smart phone

I hope I know the rest yes!

When people start disappearing, are we looking at nothing being left at all? Will all our matter be ... re-allocated/re-used? I best leave a note for my work
It is no coincidence that this Monday is a bank holiday here
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