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Default About the Bill Ryan's thread

I have been reading this daily for the past week waiting for a quick reply from him on any or all of the questions stated.

The way the place was programed it is done in a way that when a member logs in it shows the last time they were on line. You can also see where they posted last. Because of that I know Bill has "stopped by" but I also see he has not posted. ( I also understand that if anyone sat at his computer where his log in was stored then it could appear that he had logged in when in fact he was out and about. )

I know that the weather here in this part of North America is taking up most of the time frame of any extra time in just living life. So I am very sure it is the case with many others.

On an ending note. I for one do not feel Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy or any other "person" owes anyone any answer at all. IF anyone makes the effort to reply to an e-mail or to a post here that is great that the energy is being shared with all who read. However it is a privilige to have Bill or any person post thier words here. Remember: Life is a gift, and we must keep trying.

Be happy take care of you.
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