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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

To Astralwalker...

Salutations to you my friend, I will start by saying I respect you and love you trully for what and who you are. I am writing this with much love in my heart and want you to believe me when I say I have no intention to discredit you in any way. I followed your every words since the beggining of this thread and always felt that it resonated with me.

You talked about a plasma energy comming from the center of the galaxy that would change the shape of our life and that was the reason for our concern, that this energy comming toward us was something that could change our entire solar system. I've been thinking about it, focussing on that energy, trying to transform my own perception of it, knowing that I am co-creator of this matter, knowing that what we are doing can have an effect on all this. I am going to meditate tomorrow and the subsequant days reshaping my futur.

But today you are talking about something else really, the planet X scenario has never been our main focus, why did it change suddenly?
That is my main question now, in the back of my head I don't understand why such a scenario would pop out like that.

I am curious to understand why this scenario is showing at this particular moment.

I read so many things in my life, experienced quite a few also... one thing sure sticks in my mind all the time... I shape my life the way I want, and I don't want that kind of scenario in my life. Maybe it's really comming, maybe not, but one thing is sure, I wont let that futur shaping itself into form in my life.

I am going to quote David Wlicock here,

"One camp is this whole Planet X idea: the idea that there’s some sort of a rogue planet that is coming in closer, and is thereby causing a change in state of the energy of the sun.

I just want to start out on that point by saying that the sun contains 99.86 percent of all the matter in the solar system. Now think about what that means. That means that there’s 0.14 percent left, which accounts for all the comets, all the asteroids, all the gas, all the dust, and all the planets.

So, even if the planet was larger than Jupiter, it’s gonna be like .01 percent of all the mass in the solar system, if that. The idea that a planet could cause the sun to change energy as much as we’re seeing now is basically like saying you could pull a car in neutral with a refrigerator magnet on the end of a crane!

I am not quoting him to discredit any of the info on this forum, I am quoting this guy because my soul resonates with the message saying that we are going to evolve as a specie and I don't think that a planet coming from elsewhere will change that. But hey we are all in the same car, and we are heading in the same direction after all... so let's meditate, let's shape that futur of ours and let's make it beautifull and full of love, I owe it to my kids and to my innerchild who always believed that humanity as a purpose.

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