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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by thegreat1 View Post
Before i continue, the following points are intended as constructive criticisms.

1) i do not likek the design of the invitation, looks a bit airy fairy to me. Should the design not be a bit more neutral in it's appearance so as to aim to appeal to a wider audience?

2) Is this individial( the right person to manage this? I work for a company that deal with events and publications so i have some knoweldge of the work required to make the necessary arrangments for large sized gatherings. It would not be fair or reasonable to expect one person to co-ordinate thousands of people globally!!

If this will be pulled off successfully then i suggest that people wishing to help set this up, do the following.

SEND your CV (with/without as many personal details as you like) then send this to the owners of this forum or astralwalker.

Then, from that a team should be appointed with clear objectives, time frames and responsibilities. This should be co-ordinated with regular meetings (perhaps over software like Windows Live Messenger, AIM etc)

Then you have a better chance of pulling this off. So far though, a girly, airy fairy design does more to put me off, because i can see this isn't being done properly.... YET!

In addition much more time needs to be allocated to set this up. I suggest allowing 12 months to make arrangements and then set a date 6 months in. By this point you will be better aware of any delays elsewhere that could hold the show up so to speak.
I couldn't agree more. I had the same concerns but didn't really want to mention it. However, I don't see how people can fit in if they aren't 'registered' and kept track of. Somebody has to give out some jobs and see if they need more resources, meet ends etc.
Maybe I'm missing the 'thinking outside of the box' part but on my plane of existence I may feel what's right for me but I don't know what the group is doing.
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