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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Originally Posted by Sanat View Post
Here is a perspective on what seems to be happening:

Read the rest of it here:

I think all the "dire predictions" are simply individual/collective fear/guilt bubbling to the surface, and being processed out of the system on micro and macro level. This is a most necessary part of the healing/cleansing. Each positive oriented Soul/Being came here with a momentum towards what they wanted to achieve in this lifetime, and are being guided accordingly. As each gravitate naturally towards their respective "objectives", either consciously or more unconsciously, the Grand Plan is manifested naturally.

It does not mean that we should sit back and "do nothing", but it does mean that we can learn to trust in the process and what we are a part of. The river/stream/timeline has been subtly changing course for a long time due to the influx of lighted Beings, and the awakening of the light inside. Global meditation is strengthening and helping this natural process to run smoother and more peacefully than what would perhaps otherwise be the case. It calms the mind of the Gaia (and she sure could use a rest). Meditation helps open us up to be sensitive recievers of our own purpose here. The knowing inside that does not need outside "proof" or "confirmation".

Each has a different perspective of what is "going on" at this time. A Global meditation is an invitation to accept different views, and come together in Essence. Let each bring and contribute what they can, as long as the intention is of Light.

While we are on the subject of global meditation.

A Call to All

Several of us have touched on the subject of another meditation for Phied Piper /or for us all,i speak of healing energies.

Intentions are great actions are better.

Therefore tonight at 8.00pm gmt i myself will do just that whom ever should wish also to join please do so.

You need not respond(many cannot) to this Just do it,provide feedback on existing meditation thread if you wish and also another platform for us to test advancement of music file visual file/image.

Sorry it is late notice this week i will give more time next

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