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Talking Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

greetings beautiful mudra

i am so glad you are still participating. each of us does what we can do, and that is all we can do. i think that watching, with the eyes open, can indeed be a little distracting when focusing in meditation. yet, we are walking around on this planet with our eyes open, focusing!

watching the crop circle swirlies before or during the meditation, our brain waves will shift, and the effects of it seem to last for hours (for me). to get everyone's brain cranking out the same frequency is the main goal here, and then add the same intention on top of that. you have already developed your own way of reaching that stillness.

much love to you, my friend

Originally Posted by mudra View Post

Zeddo,Tesmo, gemeos, oliver, Astralwalker, malletzky and all the others
who did send me private messages, thank you for your kind words.

My decision to leave Nexus is a personal one.
I have basic disagreements as regard the way the meditations are conducted
in relation to the audio/visio music files.

I like the purity of meditation where the mind quietens down and awareness
unfolds in total stillness.
I can not go along music and visio that trigger the mind.
This I can't call meditation .
It goes along " doingness " when awareness is " beingness ".

Pane you probably made it clear from the beginning.
It's just that I personnally did'nt pay enough attention
as to what you really meant .
My own lack of discernment really. No one to blame.

When you step into awareness in the stillness within you move
into oneness with the world.
Consciousness raises and a higher plane is reached.

Having been one of the pillars of Nexus in respect of all of you and
to remain in the truth I can no longer decently call myself a nexus
crew member when I am diverging from the main guide lines it has now taken.

I am not leaving you people though .
I am not leaving the meditations .I have always been in support of those.
I 'll keep doing them in synchronicity with you but I will do them my own
way in the essence of stillness and without the nexus visio files.
And I not leaving the thread either.
I'll keep posting my light here as I always did.

And those who care to meet me can count on me on 5/9/9 in Avebury
as origninally planned.

Would freedom of choice be given as regard the files you will then see
that I am right here with you.
You are all in my heart where I hold you dearly as I always did.

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