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Default Re: List of Predictions

Anything else new after this was posted, Waterman?

So, hmmm, what could happen with a 15 megatron bomb? (I'm not being facetious, here) Hiroshima was a 12.5 kiloton bomb, so this would be more than 1000 x stronger? (which country in its right mind would create one of these? - oh, wait, us, of course <sheesh>) So, is this a nuclear winter kind of thing? An "On the Beach" kind of thing? If it were dropped in NYC or DC (with prevailing winds w to e) what happens in Seattle?

Just curious, if someone knows the answer...


Originally Posted by Waterman View Post
Right at this minute I'm on the phone with a contact. He is talking to me at the same time he is talking to the other person. The other person is connected (ehem) to the CIA. And here is the scoop ... You are getting it right as I'm being told.

The man former CIA (40 years) said there is a 15 megaton bomb missing in the states. And that he has just walked away from everything he couldn't bring with him and is on a boat and is leaving the country. I was told he didn't even take his car, and left his keys.
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