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Default Re: What is "Your" Cell Phone Radiation Level?

Originally Posted by Fredkc View Post
People paying $40/mo. or more to walk around among total strangers saying things like:
"Huh?!? What?!?
Say that again!!
I am looooosing you!!
Call meeeeeeee!"

Men walking up and down grocery aisles, telling their wife all the prices so she can tell him what to buy, while getting whats left of their brain radiated.

I must be crazy not to own one!

I have never owned one.
I can dowse the field of any such device, and the phones are cutting out a chunk ( like a pacman slice) out of the human upper field( our field is dualistic same as the planets)
And You are paying for this destruction of yourself.
The biological body You occupy relies on the balanced field that is your true reality, it is therefore been slowly depleted by these devices.
I ponder on where is all the human field potential been beamed to?
I ponder why the nazi bells were positioned by the CONCENTRATION camps.
I ponder about what the none physical part of those murdered was utilised for.
I ponder as to where the nazi's are now.
i ponder on what advancements they have achieved, such as mobile phone technology?
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