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Default Re: what are we HERE for?

Something Lightpotential said sparked my interest. Is discussing Drug Use Taboo on this forum? If so is it because our Government reaps a vast revenue stream on Opium and Cocaine? Obviously Opium production has grown 1000 times over since going to war with our former allies in Afghanistan.
I'm talking about the US Government who currently imprisons 2.5 million people, fully half of those on Drug related crimes.
Is it really not OK to talk about this stuff? If I want Drugs I should go to the drug store and buy Drugs. If I want Guns I should go to the hardware store and buy guns. I don't need the Government or anyone else telling me that it's bad for me. I am surprised that "Drug Talk" is forbidden on Project Avalon.

Why am I here? To look at interesting material and sometimes throw my two cents in.
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