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Originally Posted by arcora View Post
I was banned from a popular forum for wondering out loud if the planes actually existed.

I still don't have an opinion - but there is a powerful force trying to classify the no plane theory as outlandish.


Because much of the scare tactics of tomorrow depend on the use of holographic technology. Things like "Attacks by Flying Saucers From Outer Space".
If people were to start thinking seriously about holographic technology and that the WTC planes may have been holographic images they might then question the images of "Flying Saucers From Outer Space" that our government might be alleging are go to attack us.

Its very possible that only video fakery was used in the 911 airplane crash hoax. The government probably never suspected that the 'holographic image' issue would ever even get started.

And that is why they come down so hard. When I first introduced the idea on a forum I used to post on I couldn't believe the number of posters that came down on me and came down hard. It was like I pushed the doomsday button. Even the traitoress Valhalla chimed in.
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