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Default Re: Are you a victim of Voice2Skull technology?

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Anything is possible. I imagine that if this technology, in any of the forms described, did exist, we would see it being used for something besides making high school kids into shooters and messing with random people. They would be going for bigger things like knocking off heads of state
Who is to say that it hasn't or isn't being used in that

It would fall under the umbrella of psychological warfare
which is a well developed military science.

After America invaded Afganistan there was an article in
newsweek about a psyops operation called commando solo whose open source mission is manipulation of radio and television signals. This would be an ideal platform for the employment of covert V2K missions against both
military and civilian targets. The proverbial voice of God.

What is more disturbing is the employment of these
techniques against targets on American soil. I would
expect such missions to be highly classified and limited
to a very small circle of need to know individuals.

Why would you need to use such techniques when you
have the perfect mind control device in every home in
America? Catherine Austin Fitts tells the story of overhearing two advertising executives on the streets
of New York talking about entrainment. That was the day
that she got rid of her television.

I personally do not think that V2K technology is responsible for school shootings. However, there is
evidence in the Columbine shootings that there was
a possible psyops operation going on which included
roll playing complete with props prior to the event.

Other, later shootings may stem from the undeniable
pressures young people are subjected to today along
with the widespread use of powerful mind altering psychotropic drugs - another whole topic which
I can talk about at length if you desire. The entire class
of antidepressants that Lexapro (which was in use at the
Columbine disaster), the SSRIs, are black boxed for people under 18 years of age for suicidal ideation.

My personal feeling about this violence is if there were
an active manipulation occurring, it is through the use
of monarch programed children activating delta alters
for mayhem and death. Another topic of very broad scope. V2K could possibly be used to "trigger" alter
programs in monarch children. But then, so could the
television, or the radio, or the Ipod...
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