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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Samarkis View Post
An Urgent Request!!

I am asking all to send energy for the release of Paul Pantone,Gifted Inventor of Geet free energy engine,whom is wrongly being held in Utah Mental facility!!

This is holding up progress for Humanity and it needs to stop NOW!!!

We demand the release of Paul Pantone immediately!!!!!!!!!

I am sending much energy to him & His family!!! Humanity needs his work!!!

Hi I live in ireland and have very little money but has anybody tried contacting Naomi Wolf... auther feminist and librtarian... auther of "Give me Liberty". hand book.. and "the end of America" she has a whole programe in place against this on comming "Marshal Law threat" and has a great legal mind and has already set up a fund for US army people who will disoby orders in the future to arrest and immprison their own citizones and the in law suits that follow and for people like that inventor doctor in the mental institiution... have you seen her short interview on youtube.... try and contact her about him.... Antonia
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