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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Awsome 2009 overview by Solara Alchemikey.
Thanks for posting this. Very inspiring and uplifting.
It resonates so well with what we are building here on the nexus thread.
A very good sign
I am happy to be part of it all .

I love the Solara predictions as well.

I took time listening to David Wilcock and Michael St. Clair on Coast to Coast Radio this week. They disagree on some things, but neither of them are perturbed about what will happen in 2012, quite the contrary. David Wilcock points out that another burst of energy will activate our DNA, our Pineal Gland and all our higher faculties, and St Clair says the same thing in effect.

The bursts of high intensity gamma rays have been going on for some years now, and it has not killed life on the planet yet. The explanation for this might lie hidden in the work of another brilliant mind:

Dr Ruggero Santilli.


Our own consciousness is behind and IS all of the matter of our universe. Our mind and bodies are essentially the same All-Oneness Unified Matteria (AUM) Field. Today the 5th nuclear force, the Unified Field that is the unity of everything, is an objective reality irreversibly removed from the Einsteinian physics dark ages — it is the Hadronic Force (rediscovered by visionary genius, Dr R. M. Santilli, founder of Hadronic Mechanics).


Since the first publications of this manuscript in March, Dr. Ruggero Santilli has stunned the scientific world, by announcing in May 2006, the first prime time discovery of a completely new fundamental particle hadron, that is the very first fundamental particle ever detected that OPERATES IN HYPERDIMENSIONS… In other words THE fundamental particle behind all atoms and elements, christened the Etherion, whose permanent nature and characteristics are multi-dimensional, hyperdimensional characteristics that are axiomatically apparent in its 3rd dimensional physical measurements…

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER, that the objective discovery of a plural-octave of dimensional strings have been detected as the fundamental invarient charactgeristics of fundamental mater… This hyper-dimensional Etherion-Hadron is behind all matter, all elements, all forces, and exhihibits the axiomatic characteristics of a hyper-intelligence — the fundamental particle behind all consciousness and cognitive awareness.

THIS REALITY SHIFTING DISCOVERY has such enormous impact implications on who we are as a cognitive species and completely revises the nature of the universe and multiverse in which we appear to be citizens… Reality, the self, our source, our nature, why we are here, and where we are going, is now in a complete metamorphosis, whose revisionary apotheosis stretches beyond the expanses of every philosophy, religion, science, cosmology, metaphysics, arcane mystery school, and etno-cultural paradigm…

In concert to this announcement, our indirect hadronic mechanic’s colleague, professor Erik Trell of… published the first mainstream science article demonstrating that the living dynamic DNA, operating WITHIN biology (not examined dead and abstract in disection within a laboritory, or genom think tank, far removed from the living dynamic state), is unquestionable operating in the hyper-mathermatics (hadronic mechanics) of at least an 8 dimensional (octonian) morphological structure…

That is, the living DNA in our bodies operates in hyperdimensions, which includes hyper-temporality (time travel), and multi-dimensional geometrical symmetries… (Dr. Eric Trell’s prelimenary explorations of this, prior to this announcement, are explored in this article). Confirming our inter-geometrical models of the in-vivo DNA helix (computer modeled and presented outside of the mainstream, some already before the millenium). The implications of this, means that our exterior biology is a construct, and 3D dimensional holographic shadow of a hyperdimensional dynamic genetic code, operating on the invarient principles of hadronic mechanics (that transcend the varient principles of previous modern physics)…

This implies that the so called mechanical 3rd dimensional laws of the universe (the doctrine of modern physics), as well as chemicals and pollutions, electromagnetic frequencies and relatives (whose technologies are based on the varient principles of the now transcended modern physics) — interact, and affect our biological holographic projection of the hyperdimensional DNA continuum, only in a limited ratio…

Cosmologically and epistemologically, this changes our entire focus of this postt-industrial modern era… Pollution, electromagnetic smog, increased gamma and cosmic ray exposure, viral, bacteriological, and parasitical susceptability (essential for the justification of the modern pharmaceutical drug cartel, and its pseudo-scientific medical science) — are removed from their all consuming powerful role to which are species is modelled to be a victim of… Rather, the very nature of our fundamental being, based on the Etherion-Hadron and the hyperdimensional DNA modus operandi, is sublimated into being revealed as being the ultimate cosmological Anthos and Universal Macroimperishability that is the SUMA of all universal realities….

These two historical hyper-paradigm shifting discoveries, within mainstream academia, objectively removes our common held notion of being 3 dimensional citizens inhabiting a planet around the sun, and subjegated to the mechanical laws of its space-time physics — are now vacuumed from the vanishingly small into the domain of being notions that are pure fantasy… These discoveries expose that we are hyperdimensional, and that to think that we are 3 dimensional bodies, with a genetic code operating in 3 dimensions, is pure abstract nonesense, notions of pure fantasy that are the luxary of perspective choice, engendered upon the hyperdimensional continuum that is the topological living morphology continuum, operating in every one of our trillion cells, and whose atomic elements (electron clouds, proton clouds etc) are comprised from the All-One Hadron-Etherion operating in an irreversible and invarient hyperdimensional continuum… Reality, our body, senses, cognition, life, and the universe, is a continuous hyperdimensional holographic construction…
Dr Paul La Violette is a brilliant mind. His work has one serious flaw, however, if one thinks the above is true: The Universe is a Living Consciousness.

Here is a caption on the home page of his website 'Sphinx Stargate'.

The time will inevitably come when mechanistic and atomic thinking will be put out of the minds of all people of wisdom, and instead dynamics and chemistry will come to be seen in all phenomena. When that happens, the divinity of living Nature will unfold before our eyes all the more clearly.

Johann von Goethe, 1812
This makes very little sense, to put it that way: The realization of the Divinity of living Nature will not come from switching from mechanistic and atomic thinking to dynamics and chemistry as it constitutes no progress in scientific thinking at all. In 1812 it might have, but not today with our current scientific knowledge in all fields.

Some powerful actors are more interested into scaring us into fearing the future rather than for us to rejoice in the changes that are in progress.
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