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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


The vibration of the mind can be stilled, the consciousness being withdrawn from it; an impact from without will then shape an image exactly corresponding to itself.
--Annie Besant, "Thought Power"

"Resonance" is a term used to describe what happens when one system sends out some waves that travel to another system and start the second system to vibrating. For resonance to occur, the two systems must have the same natural frequency of vibration. In this manner, one vibrating tuning fork can send out waves that can cause another similar tuning fork to start vibrating. A radio station can send out waves that can cause a radio to respond if the radio is tuned to the same frequency as the station.

People also radiate waves. When a thought is constructed it causes mental, emotional, and etheric waves to radiate outward from the person who created it. If these waves are clear and steady, and if someone is able to attune himself to them and resonate to them, then the receiver will become aware of the thoughts and feelings of the sender. At the emotional level, resonance produces sympathy in the receiver. At the intellectual level, resonance produces understanding in the receiver.

The radiations from Aquarius stimulate the development of resonance in people. If we would hasten the progress of the world toward the Aquarian Age, we may consciously attempt to improve our ability to resonate with others. In order to achieve resonance, the receiver must be able to attune himself to the sender. If the reciver has his own opinions as to what the sender ought to be thinking or feeling, or if the receiver has prejudices as to what the sender could think or feel, then the reciver will atune his mind to his own preconceived ideas, and resonance will not occur. If the receiver is to attune himself to the sender, he must clear his mind of his own thoughts and be open to receiving whatever thoughts the sender radiates. Thoughts of separativeness [superiority, pride, annoyance, anger] also tend to hinder resonance. On the other hand, love aids resonance. With practice, we can learn to resonate to a broader and broader range of types of people.

Resonance can also be extended to animals, plants, and things. In time, we will learn to sympathize with animals, and to see things from their point of view, and to attune ourselves to the inner being of plants, and understand the life within them, and to comprehend even the mineral and constructions made from the mineral kingdom materials. Works of art [stories, drawings paintings, sculptures, and musical compositions] all have built into them the feelings and thoughts of their creators and can only be properly appreciated if the observer can attune himself to the creation and allow its built-in feelings and thoughts to resonate within his own soul.

In the Aquarian Age, people are supposed to become self-directing. To become self-directing, people need the Light within. To gain the Light within, people need to be able to attune themselves to and resonate with other people and the world around them and with the Cosmic Consciousness [God]. When people resonate with others, they sympathize with others and understand others and thence can resolve conflicts with others. When people resonate with the world around them, they can learn to live in harmony with it. When people can resonate with the Cosmic Consciousness, they can understand the Divine Law and Plan and can understand what they need to do to move forward in the scheme of evolution.


-Besant, Annie. Thought Power. Wheaton, Illinois: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1973.
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