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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Friends ,

Thanks to all of you for your great input into these meditations.
We are unleashing quite a bit of energy and it will take some time to learn to navigate through this common activity. As time goes by we will do better and better.
Our perceptions will be finer and our work will reach it's goal of creating a new field of energy from our hearts and souls.
The world will change as we become more and more aware and keep our focus on radiating our inner essence in pure consciousness and in ONENESS with the universe.
Let's do this during our meditation times and let's keep doing it in between our meditations so that life itself becomes gradually one stream of awareness and love.

Please visit the nexus site for update as regard the music file to be listened to this week.
Thanks to Dayzero, last week's file has been streamlined and should be smoother to go through.

Do not forget to give your feedback on your meditation on this thread:

We'll start at 8pm GMT this saturday 2/21/2009

Wish you well
ONE in the heart with you.

loving kindness

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