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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hello there I have been somewhat busy lately. But here is something I wanted to share with you all:

The split is now becoming more and more apparent. In 2008 the Level of Mass Consciousness made a giant leap. In 2009 the manifested world is struggling to "catch up" with this new level/plateau. To better understand this split we need to understand how change happens in the manifested universe:

ALL change happens in the unmanifest. The manifest universe blinks "on" and "off" many times each nano-second. Each time it blinks on again there is change (i.e. a totally different universe as potentials become actual). Thus, all change is total change.

All potential universes exist simultaniously on different frequencies as all potentials/possibilities are "accounted for" and explored by our higher Self which has "probes" into all the potential realities (execellent way to make the most of each lifetime).

As you move up the Scale of Consciousness you change your frequency and thus you change which potential reality you are experiencing. Each potential reality comes with a different potential future which looms in the continuum. There is a version of "you" in all these potential realities simultaniously.

The "you" that is here/now is the "main focus" while all the other "probes" are more "unreal" as they do not contain nearly as much of the Higher Self "soul energy" as the you that are here/now.

As the split becomes more apparent we experience that some people that used to be "unreal/unconscious/automatic/closed" suddenly become more "alive/real/friendly/concious/awake/open". Others again will become even more "unreal/automatic/closed" as their "main focus" has been removed from the timeline you are on, and shifted into another potential reality. You are simply interacting with "the remains" of karmic potential/momentum playing itself out with minimum "soul energy" present from the higher Self.

I have experienced this very distinct lately. I see 4th density candidates coming alive and increasing their calibration towards matching the new level of mass consciousness. It can happen almost overnight in some cases. I also see 3rd density entities "leaving" this reality behind, and their "soul remains" just playing itself out, more or less automatic; like a karmic wind up toy. They are totally unresponsive to any change as they are not meant to change. They are simply probes from which the higher Self use to explore a specific potential. Their "main focus" are in another timeline altogether.

One of the reasons for a lot of the "dire predictions" out there is that as we move up the Scale we also "work through" a lot of potential futures until we reach the level we are "supposed" to reach and experience the corresponding "future".

This is my latest "download" which was provided to me because I held some questions in mind over time about how it really works with these potential realities... Just wanted to share it with you all

StS and StO

I have also calibrated a graph showing the relationship between the concept of Level of Consciousness and the concept of StO/(StS):

It’s important to realize that this graph only represent an average approximation. In actual individual cases the StO percentage can be both somewhat higher or lower than the corresponding LoC. The reason for this variance is the individual personality and its relative alignment to “the quest”. It is very possible to move up the scale “kicking and screaming” so to speak. Such a person will typically have a lower StO percentage than what is indicated by his/her LoC. A more conscious personality which aims to consciously align itself to the quest for Truth/Identity in an open and non-anticipating way will typically have a higher StO percentage than what is indicated by his/her LoC. Either way; the quality of Service to Others is inextricably connected to Level of Consciousness. An unfree person cannot help but enslave others around him/her, while the free person cannot help but free/assist those that “ask” and are ready.

Leaping above level 600 (the final doorway to non-duality, or so-called “Enlightenment”) equals becoming 100% StO. The worldly/individual personality “dies” (or is "harvested" if you wish) and is replaced by one’s full eternal identity or “higher Self” which contains the wisdom gained through every life up to that point (which in reality is just one continuous life). According to Hawkins the leap above 600 happens suddenly and unexpectedly like lightning from a clear blue sky. It feels like dying for a split second as the core of the ego is resolved into the field of Consciousness. It is the only actual death one can experience. Which level one “lands on” after that leap is probably dependent on how developed one’s “higher Self” actually is (and perhaps also limited by how much energy the physical body can handle as some land on say 750 and keep developing gradually until they reach 1000 (which is the maximum level of energy/light the current 3rd density body can handle)).

RA speaks about this briefly when he talks about the “magical personality”:

Questioner: The three aspects of the magical personality are stated to be power, love, and wisdom. Is this correct and are these the only primary aspects of the magical personality?

Ra: I am Ra. The three aspects of the magical personality, power, love, and wisdom, are so called in order that attention be paid to each aspect in developing the basic tool of the adept; that is, its self. It is by no means a personality of three aspects. It is a being of unity, a being of sixth density, and equivalent to what you call your Higher Self and at the same time is a personality enormously rich in variety of experience and subtlety of emotion.
Organic Portals:

Perhaps I should add that about 50% of the population have an incarnation level around 150 on the Scale. These are what is referred to in the Cassiopaean Material as Organic Portals (OP's). Only their 3 lower chakras are functioning:

3rd density vibration/consciousness: level 140-270 (3 lower Chakras domination)
4th density vibration/consciousness: level 271-380 (Heart Chakra)
5th density vibration/consciousness: level 381-480 (Throat Chakra)
6th density vibration/consciousness: level 481-539 (Third Eye)
7th density vibration/consciousness: level 540-1000 (Crown Chakra)

As we can see level 150 is right on the border to 2nd density (i.e. animalistic functioning). Since 40-45% of the population are Wanderers from higher densities (4th and up), this would leave around 5-10% as what the C's refer to as 4th density candidates. Of course anybody is an "organic portal" for a certain level of consciosusness. But those of lower level function as a "straw" for 4th density STS to drain energy from souled and developing beings. They are often "put into" the lives of those that have potential for growth to try to keep them down. Best to be aware of who your friends are... That would be all for this time


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