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Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Thank-you BROOK...but please tell us what you know about Shau Ba...if you dare. Could the hidden and obscure information be found in the following resource? I'm going to try to get through the whole thing this weekend.

Okay...guess that will take a is a clue


The incorruptible spiritual body of man that could dwell in the heavens, appearing from the physical body after the judgment of the dead was passed (if successful) with all of the mental and spiritual abilities of a living body.


has sometimes been equalized with our concept of the soul, (the definition of which also varies according to whom you may ask) but there are several differences.
The Ba refers to all those non-physical qualities that make up the personality of a human. But it also has to do with power - and gods as well as humans can have a Ba. Certain deities were even described as being the Ba of another god, i.e. the Ba of Re was the Benu bird at Heliopolis, and the Apis bull was considered the Ba of Osiris.
An important function of the Ba was to make it possible for the deceased to leave his tomb and rejoin his Ka. As the physical body could no longer do this, the Ba, transformed into a bird with a human head, which could fly between the tomb and the underworld. It was also believed that the Ba could take on any form it chose, and that it had to reunite with the deceased every night in order for the deceased person to live forever and become an Akh; an ancestor.
So the Ba was very much attached to the physical body, contrary to the concept of the soul or the spirit. It was even thought that the Ba had physical needs, like food and water.

Now just imagine what the Reptilians would do with this.....

And here is a good read on Sahu

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