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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

Originally Posted by Orion11 View Post
but i dont see anything being exposed.
Well, I don't either, but maybe we just don't "get" it. I like to follow 777 The Great Work's threads because they are interesting (to me, anyway). 777 doesn't seem to have much faith in organizations like the disclosure project, but I don't let that stop me from enjoying his threads.

and 'Xmen"?"
I don't even know who "Xmen" are... One problem I have with 777's material is that he makes many references to TV, movies, advertising, etc. I have absolutely no interest in popular culture and avoid all these things as much as possible. So that makes it even harder for me to try to understand his material. Thank God for Wikipedia!

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