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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

Dear Truthseeker, Mudra, TwoRone, Sunflower, and all ~

Here is a link to the file I created, composed of the Solfeggios followed by Phied's 2nd track, adorned with various sounds to heighten connection to the planet, nature, the 4 elements, and IMHO critical component of the e-motion of heart. I didn't create this to replace any other track created to date, but as a way to explore the effects of combining the above mentioned components for greater effect. Feedback appreciated as to how it makes you feel. As I said, I may have gone overboard with the additions but it will give you the sense of the intent (Oh that reminds me, I just realized i didn't add in the sound of the Sun, which I wanted to....) nexus meditation with nature

I also really liked Day Zero's file, but if we use that one, I would still suggest addition of more nature sounds to add emotional activation, esp the whale, dolphin, and ocean. Generally I do not prefer songs that have words for meditations, I'd rather find another way to add emotional content, which is what I've attempted to suggest in this recording. However, Sacred Prayer is beautiful, I believe the song Rysa used for that is by Snatum Kaur, who has a heavenly voice. Another possibility is any number of Jonathan Goldman's recordings - Holy Harmony, and The Lost Chord come to mind, both of which are an hour long. In any case, I agree we need to keep it as simple as we can while still attaining the effects we are seeking, and I think we should vote on what track we want to use asap.

may the sun shine in your hearts,
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