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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Blessings 12DNaHelix ,

I must say I completely resonate with your post from top to bottom.
Nexus to me has always been about Heart sync and the very core
of it imo is the Love frequency released with a global and synchronized
effort through the entire universe.

Unconditional Love is where we come from and this is where we return
through unification and transcendance of dichotomies.

My own beliefs go along the idea that no matter the tools of meditation
being used by every one the unfying field should be our heart .
I believe Heart resonance is what brought so many to nexus in the first place .

I my opinion there has been too much focus being given to the tools and the
disagreements that ensued brought nexus into apathy.

You are totally correct that people here contributed music files and crop files
and that these should be centralized on a separate thread .
Please feel free to take the intitiative to do this and we'll ask Sara to make the
thread sticky so people can easily find and use it .

I thank you for all the energy you put into nexus 12DnaHelix .

If Heart can be rekindled here and coherence then we can put the boat back together and have
it sailing at hight speed.

Love from me
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