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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The Path

The Divine emits portions of the One Being, The Self, which cascade into life for the purpose of experiencing and manifesting creation. The sum of this experience accumulates as Soul, the sheath of the consistent Self. Just as Souls enter creation to experience it, we are likewise drawn to return to the Divine. This consistent pattern of emanation from and return to Oneness is called “The Path” .

Though some people make progress unconsciously, we consciously set foot upon The Path once we deliberately orient our appetites and actions towards returning to the communion of Oneness. Through disciplined, responsible heeding of life lessons, integrating spiritual experiences, and making progress in practical and integrated ways, we become more authentically “Spiritual” in our orientation. This does not mean we forego our earthly responsibilities - quite the contrary - but our earthly activities become increasingly potent signposts towards the Divine presence within us and evidenced in all creation. Eventually we reach a point where we live in “Heaven on earth” and serve as Way-Showers.

All that can be known is ever-available in the Present moment. We can tap into this present moment by reorienting our awareness towards the limitless Being and allowing Its character of One-ness, our Essence, to infuse our consciousness completely.

Love Always

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