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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I liked Sanat's post #292 which resonated with me (and is worth another read).

The thoughts in his post should help those that live in hope and optimism that the coming changes in the next few years will take us to a better place [and leave the earth to recover from the horrors that it has had to endure in recent times]... if we continue to raise our level of consciousness as suggested by Sanat and by many others (not least Astralwalker) on this thread.

I continue to seek as much information as i can and will make my own judgements on the information received (as i hope will everyone else), and applaud everyone who is sharing on this forum.

I don't worry about "labels" attached to information, it doesn't matter what you call something, it is more about listening to your instinct about what is written and whether it resonates with you. We're all going to make it, so nothing to worry about there - this is just a learning process.

Here's another blogspot that i came across on the fourwinds10 website which has some nice thoughts about the coming times.

Have a great 2009!
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