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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Astralwalker View Post
The "demo" file is ok.
Hi Astralwalker,

I was hoping you would have this honest answer, this really helps with the unfolding process!

This is a file designed only for base chakra, it does not even hit the 2nd one (emotion). Maybe this makes sense now?

Look carefully at the other messages I gave before linking to it the first time - this is not even going to be something that would be the full first 15 minutes! In the final file, only in the first few minutes is this starting point established before it starts to take off.

But I gave it as a starting point, maybe you see where I am going with this.

It was not meant for May, nor even for February, it was meant for this week of January until I can show in the next update how it is changed when it is designed to activate the next level.

I realize you probably have fully resonant base chakra and do not need something like this file, but for some other people here, it provides a good starting point as a calming agent before the emotional content and first harmonic of Schumann is added (this file contains only the fundamental).

I don't know if anyone else previously had made the chakras/Schumann resonance harmonics connection yet, but this leg of the project actually begins supposing the model this is the case - intuitively I am convinced!

Edit: I was able to find one reference to something close to what I am getting at, hopefully the highlights and the proper page loads from this link:,M1

Here is the crucial sentence:

"In neocortex, we conjecture the possibility of both local and global effects on characteristic frequencies so that EEG overtones are not expected to be harmonic."
"The eighth overtone lies at approximately 59.9 Hz."

This eighth overtone is like the "spark gap" between the crown and the higher chakras (which actually go all the way out to the edge of the universe, there are 5 more in addition to the 7 within the biofield). It appears that when the layers are built correctly and amplified through the grid (and finally through the grid to the "spark gap") we can be capable of a lot more than we might be ready to believe. This is why I would hold off on adding the 8th element until the right time - the 7-element file will already be enough to fulfill the bulk of the purpose already outlined in the thread.

This 1-element file is just to set the foundation of stability. The next file (and all onwards) will be the ones that stir the emotions!

I hope you understand I had to do this in this sort of mysterious way and not tell this part in advance so everyone can follow an honest progression - I have trained quite a bit in composition and would never call a static repeating loop a finished product! The word "demo" was a bit of an intentional inaccuracy - now you know what it was really meant to represent!

Looking forward to sharing the next level file in a few weeks.

Thanks again for being totally honest, between the two dialogues running with you and Czymra, both are really helping to linearly unfold both the artistic and philosophic/technical sides of the greater plan for this project!

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