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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hey hey hey...Guys, just please take a deep breath, all of you...please

Please don't get me wrong...I'm not the spokesman or lawyer of anyone here...



If any of us here is responsible enough (which I know we are, otherwise we wouldn't be here), then please know that no one who's ready to go ahead will be left behind.

Let me give you one simple example:
I will never allow to left behind my both children, which are both much more advanced that I'm (they just need a teacher, and I'm so happy I can teach them) ...and my wife.
And there's my bigest problem: my wife is a kind of person, well let's say, she's too grounded. Without proof, nothing is real.
No matter how hard I try to explain her what's going on in my head and what I'm trying to do, she requiers for proof...which I don't have any, at least not all the time And believe me, this is a hard job to do
Anyway, I won't give up. I'm on a good way, to at least show her that there is much more that she thinks there is on this planet.


I'm the last one who will allow to be leaded, or influenced, which I already mentioned so far. Well yes, I also must trust someone, but I only trust ME.
This is nothing new and has been said here so many times, so I don't want to repeat this once again...but we must trust ourselves first.
If all that has been posted here resonates with ME, I'll stay here and try to contribute with something I'm good in.

Am I still here? YES!!! I hope you know and understand what I mean...

Sure, no one requires that we all MUST be on the same level of consciousness. Not now, not on this level, not on this plane, call it whatever you want. But we will be once...

I personaly know some other people (humans) out there, who doesn't even know that this forum exist, who's consciousness is much higher that mine...and yours...
And they will only earn my respect at the moment they will step forward and tell the world what they know and tell us how to achieve that higher state of consciousness.

If the question is: Do I know any, who already step forward and tell their thruth??
The answer is: YES!!! I know many! I know YOU!!

ALL of YOU here on this forum deserve to be respected for what YOU do:

namely stepping forward and tell your thruth!!!!

And as last:

Finding the ballance is something I know will bring us forward. The ballance in everything we do, say or even think.

So once again, I must appeal to all of you here: please find your inner ballance, don't allow your mind and your ego to take the overhand.

And this include the most important thing: don't get all that has been said here too personaly.

Trust YOURSELF my friends. Know that the persons, who do not wish you well and try to harm you, will vanish. This happened so many times in my life, and I know it happened to all of you too.
Anyway, I don't hate them. Much more, I'm thankfull that I have learned something from them. I've learned their expiriences in order to get more ballanced.

Therefore, thank YOU all, for beeing here and let me expirience your expiriences.

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