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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Inner Balance

I find inner balance walking a railroad track
Years of practice has turned this into a knack
Since elementary school i've enjoyed the rails
Sometimes i had more fun with them than my pals
I feel so calm and collected in my solitude
It brightens my day with a heightened attitude
I sway my arms to the left and to the right
To an observer i must look like a bird in flight
Rarely do i fall off but if that be the case
I hop right back on with a smile on my face
I don't judge the faulty step instead i just laugh
It keeps my spirits high like the head of a giraffe
Each step that i take i watch down below
For i seek not to harm any creature fellow
Ants and caterpillars join me at their own pace
Unlike the tortoise and the hare this is not a race
I have walked for miles 'til my eyes begin to blur
My mind goes blank, not a single thought does stir
The outer and the inner dissolve into one
My heart rejoices, i am at peace, i am done

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