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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I think it's important to try to consider an effort like this, trying quite hard to be different, as eternally subjective.

It's important not to try to objectify it, stereotype it, because then it can fall into one of the previous traps out there and that's a really dangerous thing.

I've been trying to see it as the beginnings of a collective effort for when everyone finally becomes willing to set aside their differences, and combines their energy towards a mutually beneficial cause.

It's only natural that the types of people who will be the most likely to tend towards this kind of approach, be the first aboard.

But I do see the message Czymra is trying to put out, only for down the road, when we don't want other types of people being turned off from joining. I remember past occasions where that was certainly the case.

This is why I am trying to put forward more of a scientific perspective, so that we can try to see it from that angle as well.

As this reality is almost certainly a holographic reality built entirely from waveforms in the form of "strings" - see articles like:

then I believe there are certain rules it operates according to. I believe these rules to be the same applicable to systems of waveforms. This means that the most powerful variable in the equation is to get a numerically significant amount of people concentrating their energy together.

It really is a valid hypothesis, the point of contention some people down the road might feel is that this is a particularly elusive form of energy when it comes to measurement.

There are for example some very interesting videos out there having to do with measuring Qi Gong, it turns out the energy has to do with the infrasonic band and the reasons it is so difficult to measure has to do with calibration issues of the measuring devices themselves.

We are dealing with a real force here, the real question I feel lays in considering where previous similar efforts went wrong. I feel I have already outlined a few, and would be really happy to discuss them.

I think it's important to make clear that we don't have to worry about taking up discussion of such things when we know our intentions are all the same - to set the parameters of the one project that can go beyond argumentation because this is the time in the world we need to be willing to do this, for once.

If we have it in ourselves to carefully structure our sentences in a way where we are making it clear we only want to reconcile all of the loose ends and put together an all-encompassing approach to this so we don't get tied into any limited stereotypes like the "airy-fairy" stereotype, then by all means, let's do it!

I promise I will be contributing with the sound files and they will be laden with the catalytical emotional content, something sincere.

I have often felt that a lot of the new age type of music was lacking in sincerity and wanted to contribute especially in this way so that it could be different for a change.

The previous demonstration file was simply to illustrate that such a meditation file is only a field of potential, but with no catalyst, it is benign.

I wish I hadn't become so busy with other highly relevant endeavors (I am formally studying the science of such things related to this project, for example I am learning to generate the acoustic reverberant ambience of the inside of a pyramid for future files). Otherwise I would be able to participate more.

But I will stand by my commitment to produce the content for this meditation, so even if I am not around in the coming days, keep in mind I will be at work on our behalf.

let's remember to keep things at the heart of the matter and each be willing to commit to this as the one project that tried to be different, to set aside the limitations, for example:

in the reply to my previous post it was clear that there was something lost in translation in what i had posted, the word "influencing" had a bad sound to it to someone.

ironically the same thing happened for me earlier in the thread for anyone who's been following, the word "harvest" had a bad sound, and the word "ascension" seemed too limited and implied a hierarchical structure of "higher" and "lower".

but what we all need to realize is that we are getting caught up on these limited words, if we think to ourselves what we really mean, more often than not it is something beyond all words. we forget how much our words limit us, just imagine the purity of telepathic communication, if it were possible for us all! how much less we'd get hung up on if we communicated in this way to each other.

i am sure one day we are heading to this. in the meantime, we can practice giving each other the benefit of the doubt, to speculate as to whether what we really mean is far beyond what the words might first imply to us.

when i used the word "influencing", i meant a very specific use of the word that has an absolutely wonderful definition for it. but without clarifying this, i cannot blame the other individual for reading it as it stood on its own.

the word comes from the spiritual practices taught here and through their course materials:

this group has only the purest intentions in mind, always has, and i've been following with it since it began, just about.

influencing, in this case, means only to improve the circumstances with which the future constructs itself, nothing more. it is not an assertive approach to conditioning others to fall into line with a way of thinking, whatsoever.

i think we're going to need to all try to think beyond the old boundaries of stereotypes and conflicts for a cause greater than us all. the only thing that will matter at the end of the day, no matter what happens to us all, is whether mentally speaking we were able to come into the new paradigm of thought, that does away with the old forms of misunderstanding. i am sure of it.

and i am sure we can all do it!

let the project grow beyond its initial proportions only once this is all mutually understood, i say. until then, there's no rush, otherwise we risk being just another project that fell into the same old traps.

i say we really make an effort defining it clearly as the one project that tried to be different, to define itself subjectively rather than objectively.

this is the subject of our ability to work things out and come together when a mutually beneficial cause is apparent to us all. this is the time on the timeline of our planet for a shift to this way of thinking, i am sure.

forget the words i am typing themselves, just try and listen for the feeling i am trying to capture with them. the feeling will say much more than the words ever could.

take care everyone
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