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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Czymra, you're so close to being right on the money for me my friend. This energy you have needs now to be totally focussed on the achievable, for yourself and for those you choose to reach out to within that enormously diverse audience out there.

Astralwalker, it's hard to imagine anyone more genuinely motivated than yourself. I respect your opinions and am grateful for your energy in starting and maintaining this thread. I feel, however, that the potential for any 'broad effect' of your intentions may be dissipating as the true breadth and depth of the overall task unfolds. I wish you well in holding it together.

Personally, within my own environment and because I realise I can only possibly deal with the achievable at the moment, I have taken on a minor role of teacher/ translator, but I will be ready to up-my-game when my inner self tells me the time is right. Please be assured that I will always be ready to support those of you who demonstrate unconditional preparedness to take our positive messages forward in whatever way you feel you can.

Respect ... Panpravda
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