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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Ok…lets proceed one step further.

We are starting on Sunday Feb 8 2009 (7 PM Eastern European Time).

The method that I put with the combination of the Stiros idea is good for a start.

The method Sanat provided is also very good, but it is too complicated for beginners.

Once more, the starting time:

7 PM Eastern European Time - - - 12noon Eastern North America Time --- 9am Western North America Time.

Everyone who wants to join the first run or try of tuning into meditative etheric ONENESS, has to start with the meditation according to the Time Zone of his/her location.

I will arrange with Alchemikey this:

On the Alchemikey (Nexus 2012) web site, soon, there will be uploaded music, so we can all vote, which music we feel it is the best for this.

Another thread should be opened so people can vote what they feel it’s the best option.

I hope PhieldPaper will provide his audio choice soon and he will deliver those files to Alchemikey so we can hear his work or suggestion.

I will upload my list of music files too, and everyone else who thinks he/she has some audio music that can serve for this purpose can contact respected Alchemikey on pm and arrange the upload with him.

Which music or audio file will be decided and it will get the most votes, it will be used on the first global meditation from homes on Feb 8 2009.

The chosen audio file will be played at the very beginning of the meditation exactly on 7 PM Eastern European Time and everywhere according to the Time/Zone difference.

When the audio file will be selected, Alchemikey will put a downloading link on the Nexus 2012 website, so everyone who wants to participate can download the file from there.

Lets move people…

Czymra, not to worry my friend, nothing has changed. I just waited for the feedback from the people. Your words are smart and your intentions are good. The synchronisation will come, but as I said earlier it is step by step process.

Thanks to every one of you who has understanding and support for what we are building here. Deepest respect to you all.


I respect your opinions and am grateful for your energy in starting and maintaining this thread. I feel, however, that the potential for any 'broad effect' of your intentions may be dissipating as the true breadth and depth of the overall task unfolds. I wish you well in holding it together.
Don’t worry my friend. I totally capable of holding this together. Otherwise I would started it. I never start something in my life that I could not finish. Especially not this, which is one of the fundamental reasons for my being here.

We will do it my friend. Even if we start with 100 people, it will soon expand and it will continue to expand further and further. And we will progress as we go.

Let’s move people…

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