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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

This is nothing new, the new-age movement have been doing group meditations like this on power days (11-11, 12-12 etc) for a long time. Mind you, it's good to have more energy focussed on the task :-) Personally, I won't be taking part consciously as I don't find much time free for meditation anyway. I find I've always done what's needed to be done when it had to be done anyway. I'd read of some meditation that had happened and think "I did that and didn't even know the meditation was happening!".

In short, what I'm saying is don't do something because someone says for you to do it on a particular day, allow yourself to be guided by spirit as to what to do at the moment and you will *ALWAYS* find that you do *EXACTLY* what needs to be done *WHEN* it needs to be done. Spirit never lets you down! ;-)

I'll probably take part in my astral body during my sleep, knowing what I'm like :-)))

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