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Default Re: Account of Michel Desmarquet's x-terrestial's abduction

Another example of ‘celestials’ intervening in human and extraterrestrial affairs:

We, the people of Thiaoouba, are assigned to assist, guide and sometimes
punish the inhabitants of planets under our guardianship.’

Many people on Earth believe atomic arms to be the major danger,
but it is not so. The greatest danger concerns ‘materialism’. The people of your
planet seek money - to some it’s a means of attaining power; to others it’s a means
to acquire drugs, (another curse) yet to others, it’s a way of possessing more than
their neighbours possess.

‘If a businessman owns a large store he then wants a second, then a third. If he
commands a small empire, he wants to increase it. If an ordinary man owns a
house in which he could live happily with his family, he wants a larger one or to
own a second one, then a third...

Why this folly? Besides, a man will die and have to abandon all he has amassed.
Perhaps his children will squander his legacy and his grandchildren will live in
poverty? His whole life will have been preoccupied with purely material
concerns, with insufficient time allowed for matters of the spirit. Others with
money turn to drugs in their endeavour to procure an artificial paradise and these people pay more dearly than do the others.

He could read me like an open book. He deigned to smile at me and his Aura, which had been flaming like a fire, returned to its original hue.

‘Now, once and for always, we will teach you and provide you with what you
French call ‘the key to the mystery’.
‘As you have heard, in the beginning there was the Spirit alone and he created,
by his immense force, all that exists materially. He created the planets, the suns,
plants, animals, with one goal in mind: to satisfy his spiritual need. This is quite
logical since he is purely spirit. Already I see you are wondering why the need to
create material things in order to attain spiritual fulfillment. I offer this, by way of
explanation: the creator sought spiritual experiences through a material world. I
see you still have difficulty following - but you are making progress.

In order to have these experiences, he wanted to embody a tiny part of
his Spirit in a physical entity. To do this, he called on the Fourth force - the force
which Thao has not yet spoken of and which concerns only spirituality. In this
domain, Universal Law also applies.

‘The Fourth force had a very important role to play: it had to bring to fruition
all that the Spirit had imagined. It ‘inserted’ thus, an infinitesimal part of the Spirit
in the human body. This comprises what you could call the Astral body, which
forms one ninth of the essential human being and consists of one ninth of a
‘Higher-self’, which is sometimes called ‘overself'.

The Higher-self of man is, in other words, an entity which sends one ninth of itself into a human body, becoming the person’s Astral being. Other physical bodies are inhabited, similarly, by other ninths of the same Higher-self and yet each part remains integral to the central entity.

‘Further, the Higher-self is a ninth part of a superior Higher-self which, in turn,
is a ninth part of a more superior Higher-self. The process continues as far back
as the source, and allows the enormous filtration of spiritual experience required
by the Spirit.

‘You must not think that the Higher-self of the first category is insignificant in
comparison with the others. It functions at a lower level, but is nevertheless
extremely powerful and important. It is capable of curing illness2 and even
resuscitating the dead.
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