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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Astralwalker, Pane many have waited to hear you speak. Your thread has generated such an impact on Avalon that you were invited to Veritas show.
Your information supports many of the wonderful interviews recorded by Bill and Kerry.
Your understanding from personal experience of alternate dimensions their inhabitants and the interactivity with our three dimensional world was most interesting and a welcome addition existing infromation.

Of all the people interviewed here you are the only one that is prepared to stick your neck out and give dates and details. I suspect it is because you have genuinely been given that knowledge.

If by chance or design, the events do not pan out as you detailed, your personal efforts to spread the message. “It is time to stop the conflict” will stand the test of time.

It is my understanding from your testimony and that of the many other interviews, is that the Earth some 13,000 years ago has been entrapped and controlled by forces that feed and survive on negative energy. This to me gives an understanding of why we are now and have been for very long time subject to wars, depression fighting etc etc.

These entities have kept our energy vibrations at a low and controllable level and it concerns me that it is there intention to increase the trauma and dysfunction to lower our energy even further, for in the next few years the Earth will be influenced by an increased energy that magnifies the current state of Earths consciousness.

If the Entities that feed on our negativity can achieve this it will give them exceptional power and energy allowing them to perpetuate this entrapment and control for the next 13,000 years. This may be what happened in the past with Atlantis!

However from your interview there seems to be other entities that are well aware of this and it is those entities who have been trying to inform us, (over and above all the forces that have been suppressing the true nature of things for thousands of years) by using very public crop circles and channeling information to individuals that have managed to enter their dimension.

The level of negativity controlled by MONEY, GREED, materialism, religions, ISOLATION on a personal, community, State, Federal National levels perpetuates the state of a negativity, and is the cancer that is killing us and our planet

The call by you to combine our collective good will through practicing LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION AND KINDNESS to our fellow beings and our planet, via a global meditation (which is no more that taking time to focus on these natural feelings, (which have been suppressed by the tactics of the PTB) ) is to me the necessary change required to raise our energy vibration to a level that, when the energy arrives there will be sufficient positive energy that will be amplified, thus ending our enslavement to the negative energy feeding entities. Allowing us to evolve to a higher existence once and for all.

If we choose ( and it is a personal choice of free will ) not to participate in the Global Healing and let the events unfold as planed for us, It is my personal opinion that humanity will continue to be enslaved if not on this planet, on another.

Pane, I personally would like to thank you for your courage and foresight and pray that your intentions not be overwhelmed by the thousands of years of negative conditioning and that there is still enough good will left in humanity to make a difference this time.
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