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It's a conspiracy i tell you

We got them here brumie land

Then we have got speed bumps to throw out your tracking or for vertical take of as many seem to enjoy.

Then there is the friendly traffic warden,with which even my smile they evade.

Or cheese for the many traffic calming cameras
Remind me again the reason for road tax

Now we get toll roads and motorways and pay extra to drive on those very streets? of holes left for the taxi drivers, for these are the most ancient of sat nave the HOLE.. (kinda form of brail me thinks for surley some taxi drivers from london must need a white cain)

The Hoey hole for the past present and future generations.

Sometimes we sacred rituals of repair ,
drinking tea
and builders butt
all huddled around pointing and starring at a hole in the ground
The days, weeks, months pass and if by a miracle the hole is no more.
People rejoyce and put your hand in your pocket once more.

Ya gotta love the system

We should all See the light, we were given feet for a reason, why invite such mayhem into our lives

Love Light & little fun
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