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Default Re: Red Letter Church

Are the actual words of Jesus viewed with the same reverence which the stories and theologies about him are bestowed with? What did Jesus say about himself?

Thank-you for the links. I liked what Robert Higgs had to say. Especially this:

'It follows directly that up to this point the continued prosecution of the war has served the leaders´ interests. They may say they are trying to end the war. They may have secured their election or reelection, as many of the Democrats now serving in Congress have, by promising to do whatever they can to end the war. Yet the truth is that they´ve sold the public a bill of goods. When the leaders have considered all the personal consequences they expect to follow from acting to end the war, they have concluded that, all things being considered, doing so does not serve their interest, and therefore they have refrained from doing so.'

Here is a link to Tony Campolo for you:

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