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Default Re: Please post here if from Ireland

Howaye boys and girls.

Yup, agreed on that. We dont want things getting to scattered now or we'll end up with more division and i'll most likely end up controlin the smaller section.

Yer the first group of people ive come accross on this wonderfull Island that have been exposed to the knowledge on Camelot and im a firm believer in the 'united we stand, divided we fall' saying so let me start by saying greetings to the lot of ye, im glad ye all found this place.

We all know that theres a lot of **** flying around the place and some feckers put a load of fans around the perimiter so the end results are pretty apparent already its just hard to know how that is going to effect us.

Id like to know what your all doing to get organised, it wouldnt be a bad idea to get to know each other and discuss what the future might hold and what may be in store for us irish men and woman. Ive always felt safe here myself, but thats not to say we wont have to deal with any unfortunate events.
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