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Default Re: Please post here if from Ireland

hi to everyone again, am not very good at saying hi individually as its a bit hards to keep track of everyone

Right, well, gonna try and throw some stuff out there, I think Bodhrans idea of ech of us writing down what we think is goin on is a good idea.
I'm keeping my mind open and have decided that its all possible to varying degrees. Floods, economic collapse, lack of food. So I want to plan accordingly. I want to do research on areas of Ireland that would be worthwhile chaecking out. I would like to be methodical about this, maybe people with cars, we could do research, plan to go to certain palces and check them out. Share all our information on preparatory methods, (print outs etc) so we all have the same info.
Basics like shelter, food storage.
Thats about it for now.
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