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Default Re: Please post here if from Ireland

Indeed, personal meetings would be the order of the day in my opinion, much more could be achieved that way. And building personal trust and personal relationships is going to be important in the future and theres no better way to do that then face to face.

Can i ask ye all where ye are located? I'm located in the west meself, but i couldnt go trecking all the way across the country every week, id be up for meeting you guys somewhere in the middle.
It wouldnt be a bad idea to make a day of it neither, i mean if were gonna go to the hassle in the first place.

Also, might i suggest agreeing on a plan of action or discussion here before we actually meet up. We could make much better progress that way.
Its important we all try and figure out what the future holds for us guys and girls here in Ireland, im damn sure that if i was living in America id know exactly what to do but i just dont know what we are gonna be faced with.

I'll be here everyday for a chat because this is important to me and i really wanna get this show on the road. Im sick sittin on me **** and ive absorbed enough information at this stage, its time for a bit of action.
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