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Hello all
My name is David

It is hard to explain, but I had a voice in my head telling me to leave my 135k $ a year job,my wife of 26 years. So I did I retired at 48 ,I let my thoughts dictate where to go .It has led me to Gaspe and the place I live today. Leaving Montreal behind me was hard to do . I do not regret it though.
162 acres with a 7 bedroom house built in 1862, wild berries,wild mushrooms,wild game,Salmon and trout river in back; Ocean in front.
I can't explain how or why I happened to buy this place All I know is that I listened to my inner self and made the journey.I left a life of materialism behind.
I embrace a free and wild spirit now.I awake each day with the smell of country air,drink pure water,eat pure foods.
I would not go back to my former self for all the money in the world.
May you find your inner voice.

This is inspiring.
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