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Default Re: PEOPLE who LiGHT UP this world !!!

Originally Posted by eXchanger View Post
i think this guy, lights up the world

This is a video of an unemployed "chicken catcher" from Kentucky
who is singing
"If Tomorrow Never Comes".

I have NOT heard this song, for a very long time,
obviously, he is an UNKNOWN.

That is, until he sang.

For me, this video reveals a man
totally on purpose, who is totally in his heart
and, someone, just about to step into, what it is, he should be doing

A "real" true expression of a man -- being authentic

If you are inspired by watching someone,
who is totally on the "right" track...
then, i invite you to watch it here:

This man, will "melt" your "heart"
Kevin Skinner is amazing! Thank you for remembering him and sharing him with others. He brings great joy to my heart and the hearts of my loved ones as well.
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