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Default Re: Intuitive Dissection of the Pete Peterson Information

Results from Parts 2 and 3


(FALSE) Participated in scientific experiments that proved the existence of acupressure points by injecting people with a radio active isotope of potassium and then tracking where it went on a cat scan machine.

(TRUE) You can treat the acupressure points on your hands and feet by looking for hard nodules and working on these with a special instrument that he has invented.

(FALSE) Wild Cats do not eat muscle tissue.

(FALSE) There is another biological system in the body that is made of a layered white colored material that conducts the field of consciousness from acupressure points to organs and other areas of the body.

(TRUE) The homeopathic medicine machine that he invented works off of the frequencies generated by substances in the information field.


(FALSE) He invented and developed the worlds first Satellite tracking system privately before there where any satellites when he was 17 years old.

(FALSE) He was then the only person who was able to track the first ever artificial satellite which was the Russian Sputnik.

(FALSE) As a result of him inventing and developing this satellite detection technology the U. S. government took an interest in him.

(FALSE) In nuclear reactors strong materials become brittle.

(FALSE) In nuclear reactors weak materials become strong.

(TRUE) In nuclear reactors grease becomes like welds.

(TRUE) He invented robotics for use in the 1st nuclear reactor experiments.

(FALSE) In 1975-1976 he built a computer for the Tokyo airport that could tell people arrival and departure times in several different languages.

(TRUE) He helped develop computer training programs for a company sharing the same name as the technology company in the Terminator Movies “Cyberdyne”.

(FALSE) Intel pays royalties to other microchip technology developers because they are using other peoples technology in their CPU's.

(TRUE) Microchips have been created that have up to 10 different types of complete computers all in one chip.

(FALSE) Created a computer chip that used a type of logic called fuzzy logic that was a low intelligent version of artificial intelligence.

(TRUE) 50-60 percent of the technology that is around us today was developed by the hard work and minds at NASA before their funding was cut back.

(TRUE) Helped design spy satellites.

(FALSE) Designed the actuator arm on the Mars Lander with his Cousin.

(FALSE) Asked to build a UFO detector when he was 14 years old.

(TRUE) Helped develop a technology called a gate keeper that can render high tech weapons useless.

(FALSE / TRUE) In the 80's the Russians had a directed energy weapon that could be used anywhere in the world that used Radio Waves and it was nicknamed the Wood Pecker.
[I dowsed further to find out that this “Woodpecker” existed, however it was our technology. Not the russians]

(FALSE / TRUE) The Russian Woodpecker Technology was once directed at a town in the United States named Eugene Oregon.
[Once again I dowsed further to find out that it was targeted at this town however the Russians had nothing to do with it]

The Results of the Woodpecker Technology on the residence of Eugene Oregon where
(TRUE)-Sunburn in their sleep
(TRUE)-Birth Defects

(FALSE) The Russians bombarded the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with Microwaves in order to disorient the occupants.

(FALSE) His friend discovered this Russian tactic and is the one who told him about it.

(FALSE) NLP is more a more effective and powerful mind control technique than electromagnetic mind control techniques.

(TRUE) Recommended a book called the Magical Child by (fill in authors name) and backs the content of this book up as truthful and based on Russian Science.

(FALSE) Children born outside of the normal Family environment will never grow up to amount to anything special.
[I know that this is bull **** because one of the most inspirational people in the world is Wayne Dyer and he was an orphan until the age of 8]

(TRUE) Russians did extensive research studying the development of babies and how entrainment on the mothers and fathers hearts in the first 16 hours after birth has a drastic effect on emotional and intelligent development of the child.

(FALSE / TRUE) The entrainment of the child to the parents hearts in the first 16 hours after birth is completely electromagnetic and has nothing to do with the information field.
[The part about the 16 hour time frame dowsed up true, but the part about it having nothing to do with this “information field” where false]

(TRUE) The Pineal Gland is made from a special type of a biological compound called Melanin.

(FALSE) The Melanin the pineal gland is made from is a natural conductor of the information field and also the time field.

(FALSE) The Tibetans drill holes in their foreheads in order to unshroud the Pineal Gland.

(TRUE) Fluoride hardens and calcifies the pineal gland.

(TRUE) The best information on virus prevention is available on the FEMA and FDA web sites.

(TRUE) The information about virus prevention that is most important from these two government agencies is wash your hands, wear masks, and avoid people.

(FALSE) Most of the oxygen in the world is produced by plankton in the ocean.

(FALSE) We have killed off mass quantities of plankton in the ocean as a result of the byproducts of production of certain types of batteries.

(FALSE) Whales beach themselves because they are intelligent enough to know that there is not enough plankton left for all of them to eat and they are sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the ocean.

(FALSE) As a result of us killing off all of this plankton we may run out off air on the planet earth in the near future.
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