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Default Re: Intuitive Dissection of the Pete Peterson Information

I appreciate and have come to respect your information T3J....

There are some things that you brought up that I felt the same ways towards in just using my intuitiion.

I just told myself he is talking in circles same as many of the other guys. Its almost like, tell them bits and pieces and screw up the info to keep them in the dark.

I am going to appreciate what I did get out of the videos and go with that.

I think there are a few that have told us much much more and they did it on their own, which I believe that it came from their hearts. It's tiring to do it for anything else and they then discredit themselfs.

No wonder there are so many arguments firing up over the interveiws.

I have respect for Dr Pete Peterson as I think he did the best he could under the circumstances but at the same time disapointed in the lack of...

One thing my mind flirts with is the scientist in the movie Angels and Demons that was in the basement of the vatican studying anti-matter and involved with CERN. It very well could of been this man.
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