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Default Re: Intuitive Dissection of the Pete Peterson Information

T3J: thank you for your work in dowsing. I know this is a rather time consuming job & its useful to compare your answers against our own discernment.

When I started to watch part 1. the first thing that caught my attention was his eyes constantly moving from left to right, as if he was expecting someone to enter the room and take him out. He seemed very nervous & shifty. I found it very distracting & could not focus on his words. The set-up of Dt. Peterson at a desk/table and the positioning of David was really odd. It appeared to make David uncomfortable, because Dr. P was not making direct eye contact with David. & kept looking up at the camera & quick darts to the left & right. Weird set-up.

After about 3 mins into it, my instincts couldn't take anymore of this very
bizarre set-up, & I gave up on it.

I was also surprised to find David W. starting the interview, I was expecting (as usual) Kerry & Bill to conduct it!

I would love to know from Kerry/Bill if David Wilcock is now working with them as a team, and he will be conducting more interviews in the future?

I'm afraid the whole interview was lost on me
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