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Default Re: Intuitive Dissection of the Pete Peterson Information

Guys, I did not think about what the answer should be or what it could be before I dowsed it. I wrote down the questions, and dowsed them up with no biased towards how the answers turned out. Is intuitive dowsing always 100% on? No. Is intuitive dowsing always more accurate then pure intuitive discernment with no tools? Yes

Remember everyone, this is my personal intuitive take on this. I have specifically give the instructions for how to do this and encouraged everyone do get their own data in the same way I have.

Hey Tone, thanks for doing the dowsing. It has been reported that the Russians did bug our embassy and bombard our employees there with EMF stuff to make them very ill. So, the question:

(FALSE) The Russians bombarded the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with Microwaves in order to disorient the occupants.

seems to be wrong or not specific enough.
Understandable, I had actually heard the same rumors years ago. However, If I ask the question about microwaves bombardment it still comes up negative. It must have been something besides microwaves. Perhaps it was some of those scalar waves they where working on for so long.

Ok TJ3 I have to tell you some thing as a machinist I have machined many types of materials and I can say this once a material has been heat treated and hardened it becomes very brittle it is stong as h*ll but depending on the hardness of it some and its shape I would have to agree with Pete what temp s do nuclear reactors run at the higher the temp the more brittle a material becomes . I have seen pcs machined and hardened that come out after cooling and you can see cracks in them and they then become paper weights so it true .

Then again in order to take some of the hardening properties out of steel you need to heat it to a certain temperature so these things are possible
I agree with you on the general properties of metal. However, I could be wrong but I think his statement was "Strong Materials become brittle" and "Weak Materials become strong". I dowsed it up using the word materials not metals. I am also framiliar with how the heat treating process can do this to metals because I am a gear head.

(FALSE) The Tibetans drill holes in their foreheads in order to unshroud the Pineal Gland.

I chuckled when I heard the above. Lobsang Rampa described this exact procedure that was done to him in his third book ("The Third Eye" if I recall correctly).
Evidently I got that one wrong.

Hi All,
I love it when people search for coverups in the PC interviews Dr Peterson seems to be a brave individual who steping outside the box. He has served his nation and has my respect for putting on that uniform for democracy. I find many people tend to forget Dr Peterson is Vietnam Veteran and deserves repect even if your don't believe in the Politics.

I wonder how many of you would put your familes in front of a firing line to speak out?

Peace & freedom
Getting the approval of the people you describe as bastards that you work for before releasing the material is not exactly sticking you neck out there. He held back all of the juicy stuff that he told the rest of them because he did not want to risk any adverse side effects. That is why he would not answer most of Kerry's questions.

Telling all of us that so and so that has yet to give him accurate logistical intel on economic matters is telling him that the economy is doomed is not useful. I know plenty of people that are veterans of Vietnam and also Iraq and Afganistan. If one of them walks up to me and tells me somthing that is hard to swallow I do not just buy it because once upon a time they where in the suck.

Instead of focusing on the questions that I may have gotten wrong (small percentage) lets focus on some of the questions that I may have gotten right that turned out false. These are the most ludicrous statements if you ask me.

(FALSE) A number of governments around the world are now in possession of this technology of the “Dr. Who Telephone Booth” technology.
So a number of governments have time travel technology. Really? The U.S. military industrial complex decided that it would be a good strategic idea to sell time travel technology to the rest of the world? Sorry, does not add up.

(FALSE) Wild Cats do not eat muscle tissue.
I have seen some pretty healthy wild cats at the zoo that feed on large steaks with plenty of muscle tissue on them. What is happening during those Nat Geo nature films after the wild cat catches his prey? Does the cat have David Blane like vanishing illusions and sticks the meat off camera by spitting it out when we are not looking. Ever seen a house cat catch a bird? All that is left over is feathers. Sorry, does not add up.

(FALSE) He invented and developed the worlds first Satellite tracking system privately before there where any satellites when he was 17 years old.

(FALSE) Asked to build a UFO detector when he was 14 years old
Let me see if I get this strait. When he was 14 the government asked him to build a UFO detector. Then when he was 17 he built a satellite tracking station on his own and this is why the governement took an interest in him? Which is it, did they contact him at 14 wanting the UFO detector built. Or did they contact him after he built the satellite tracking station when he was 17. And what exactly would be the difference between these two devices? Sorry, that is a total slip up by him where he messed up the chronological aspects of the fictional part of his story. Does not add up. Common sense here people!

(FALSE) Children born outside of the normal Family environment will never grow up to amount to anything special.
Bold Face lie, just ask Wayne Dyer.

(FALSE) Whales beach themselves because they are intelligent enough to know that there is not enough plankton left for all of them to eat and they are sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the ocean.
He knows this as fact because he has seen how smart whales are from working with them in government projects? That is a pretty big assumption and one filled with holes. According to recent research the quantity of minerals and microbes is going up in the oceans world wide. Sorry, does not add up.

(FALSE) As a result of us killing off all of this plankton we may run out off air on the planet earth in the near future.
Anyone can say anything. Where is the data to back this up?

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