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Question Re: P h o t o n b e l t

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
I wrote Dr. Deagle an email about this. Here is a copy and paste of it:

"I am interested in the topic of earth changes which you often discuss with John Moore in reference to preparedness. You have made reference to the photon belt during these discussions. Stewart Swerdlow has stated that the photon belt is "New Age ****." He says that photons exist everywhere and they're not in any specific location. Have you learned of the photon belt from your inside contacts? Do you have knowledge of it because of your intuition?"

Here is his response:

"Forget Stewart S. ...

The astrophysics of the debris belt and photon belt is not open to opinion..we have a 30 times higher risk of meteor or asteroid strike in this belt of debris and photons in this more-energetic zone of galatic space."
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