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Nice one too. I agree wholeheartedly on this: Humanity will rise!

The kind of disclosure I'm personally looking forward to is not the kind where our ET government discloses whatever they want about ET's to mislead us and take our planet from us.

The kind of disclosure I'm personally looking forward to is the inner kind where we see through the energy veil (evil) of illusion into the reality that we are connected to our source and to All Life.

The disclosure that the illusion of separation is a lie and we need nothing from outside of ourselves in order to take care of our lives and our world. To connect to the infinite unconditional Power, Wisdom and Love that is within us here and Now, this is the consciousness disclosure I personally am looking forward too!

I can also feel the collective consciousness wanting and waiting, I believe it is the change inside that we are all wanting and waiting for, the New Earth, the caterpillar becomes the butterfly and so you and I are destined for something More when we do the work on ourselves to shine the light on our own darkness and Be reborn into Oneness with the I AM / Divine Self within.

Nice words and neat poem!

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